Bob Smith Insta-Flex CA Hinge Glue - 3/4 oz.

Shipping: $4.00
  • Please Note this is the new 3/4 oz size

    Insta-Flex™ flexible thin CA is ideal for many applications, including the installation of CA hinges. When cured, INSTA-FLEX™ does not turn brittle and remains clear, even if accelerated with INSTA-SET™. It has superior shock resistance. Although not as thin in consistency as INSTA-CURE™, INSTA-FLEX™ still has good penetrating qualities and its application can be easier to control. For CA hinges, we recommend drilling a 1/16" hole in the center of the hinge slots to insure the complete saturation of the hinge when INSTA-FLEX™ is applied. INSTA-FLEX™ has a different, less irritating odor compared to regular CA's, but still can not be used on white foam. INSTA-FLEX™ has also proven to be superior when bonding anodized aluminum. 

    Works Best On:

    • Balsa Wood
    • Glass & Metal
    • Rubber
    • CA Hinges

    Works Good On:

    • Soft Wood
    • Hard Wood
    • Fiberglass
    • Ceramics
    • Hard Plastics
    • Laminating
    • Water-Resistant
    • Reinforcing