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Bob Smith Insta-Cure Super Thin Filling CA Glue 1 oz.


1 oz. Insta-Cure cyanoacrylate glue by Bob Smith Industries features a water-thin viscosity that easily seeps deep into joints by capillary action and cures in only a matter of a few seconds. When bonding objects with Bob Smith Industries' Insta-Cure, the surfaces must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the cyanoacrylate glue around the edges of the seam. In addition, this glue is also capable of penetrating more than the surface area of the wood creating a stronger bond. Insta-Cure is perfect when gluing balsa wood and ceramics, but also works well for soft woods, fiberglass and hard plastics and is water resistant. When cyanoacrylate glue dries, it dries crystal clear, does not discolor, nor foams making it a great choice for hobby enthusiasts and dental labs.

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