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Xoar Laminated Propeller (26x14)

Shipping: $2.50 Each 

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  • Xoar Laminated Prop is the most popular Laminated Propellers for R/C Model Airplane and is known for its stiffness and lightweight. Xoar Laminated series has tapered tips which provide the perfect balance between thrust and speed with best efficiency. Xoar Laminated Propellers are ONLY made of the Best quality Plywood for excellent physical property in elongation, break-point and distortion rate ensure by its heating process. Each ply is no thicker than 1 mm and with the best combination of wood and glue, Xoar  Laminated Propellers offers high resistance to flex and heat and efficiency in high RPM and more thrust.

    After approving the design in digital imaging, it will be transferred into CNC manufacturing program. After CNC, the semi-finished prop comes into shape. The each prop is manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance which makes Xoar Prop stand out from its competition.

    During the coating process, 2 layers of primer coating and 2 layers of glossy protective coating are applied in order to prevent corrosion. Once again, each of the Xoar prop is manually re-balanced. Spot check was performed to each batch by randomly selecting a number of props and put on actual engine for rotating balance and quietness check.

    Xoar  Laminated Propeller is the perfect upgrade from Xoar  Beechwood Prop for every level of hobbyist to expand their flying experience and performance. In addition, Xoar Laminated Props come in a full range of specs from 15" to 36" diameters and a well variety of pitch to satisfy all kinds of aircraft and engine specs and desired flight performance. In spite of its outstanding performance, Xoar Laminated series is always endorsed by the flyers for the beautiful wood grain and finish.