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VVRC/RCGF 30cc Twin Gas Engine

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  • VVRC/RCGF30cc twin 
    Smooth operation, Smaller size
    With the VVRC/RCGF 30cc twin you can get a smoother flying experience. It's small, powerful and easy to start. It's a very good choice for small size twin cylinder engine.

    Piston displacement Cylinder (cc) :
     30cc  (1.83 cu in)
    Bore x Stroke (mm): 1.26 in(32mm) x 0.77 in (19.6mm)
    Carburetor : Genuine Walbro
    Ignition : DC-CDI (Computer Controlled auto advance, electronic ignition system)
    Power supply: 6-8.4V
    Maximum Output :3.7HP /7500rmp
    Requires: Gasoline, 2-cycle air cooled  oil, ignition battery & propeller
    speed rang : 1500-8500rpm
    Gasoline-Version : Pre-mixed Fuel,  Recommend:32:1
    (87% otcane unleaded gasoline

    Lubrication Oil : 2 cycle engine oil 
    Suggested Propellers: 18x8, 18x10, 19x8 & 20x8
    Suggested Break-in Prop: 19 X 8
    Sparking plug: 1/4-32 size spark plugs
    Cooling System : Air Cooled
    Package Includes: electronic CDI ignition, muffler, spark plug, gaskets, bolts, throttle arm extension & manual.


    Weight :

    Engine: 2.03 lb (923 g)

    2XMuffler: 2.71 oz (77 g)

    Ignition Module: 5.1 oz (145 g)

    Total: Weight: 2.53 lb (1145 g)

    Technical Data:
    Ignition Battery: 6-8.4 NiCd or NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 2S LiPo pack
    Gasoline/Oil Mix: 32:1
    Replacement Spark Plug: 1/4-32 size or equivalent
    Idle Speed: 1500 rpm/min

  • Customer Reviews

    Bottom line, its a great little engine...I'm thinking of getting another.

    Just an update....I've had the engine for a year now, and got it flying in a Hanger 9 Beaver this spring. After a dozen flights, I am still delighted with this engine. It will take off and fly at just over 1/2 throttle, so there is lots of reserve power if the need arises. It has been totaly reliable. .....and sounds fantastic. There have been a few issues starting it at the beginning of the day, but I believe that is due to the way I had to run the fuel lines. The use of an electric starter fixed that for now...I will re-do the fuel lines over the winter. Review by Wayne • (Posted on 10/1/2016)

    good looking and good running, powerful little twin

    several guys have this engine in our club. very impressive
    I am saving up to buy one in the near future for a cub. Review by Bobby • (Posted on 8/27/2016)

    Great little engine

    It is 9.0" from plug cap tp plug cap, so it will fit many 30cc cowls. This one is going in a Hanger 9 Beaver. Overall quality looked very impressive.....except the carb was loose. The attatched bolts were too long and bottomed out before the carb was firmly seated. ( we have found this on brand name engines as well) . Some quick dremel work, and that was fixed up. After checking all the needle settings, it started by hand. This is a happy little engine at idle--which is surprising low. Even on the first run, throttle response seemed pretty snappy, although it was not close to being properly tuned yet. It seems to be quieter than a single cylinder engine the same size. I stopped it, and did a hot re-start with no problems.... I am really impressed so far!
    Review by Wayne • (Posted on 9/3/2015)

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