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VVRC 21cc Low Profile Gas Engine

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Includes 1 FREE RCEXL 1/4-32 Spark Plug

  • This new 21cc was developed by Valley View RC and was designed for airplanes with smaller cowls.

    Using an angled 1/4 - 32 spark plug this engine is only 5" from bottom to top allowing it to fit into a smaller area.

    The muffler has a slide on teflon down tube with a clamp so you do not need to make a large hole in your cowl.



    Displacement: 21cc

    Bore: 1.3in/33.02mm

    Stroke: 1.2in/30.48mm

    Weight (Engine Only): 24.5oz

    Weight with ignition and muffler: 28.5oz

    RPM Range: 1450 - 9000

    Output: 2.6 hp @ 9000RPM

    Requires: unleaded gasoline, 2-cycle oil, ignition battery & propeller

    Includes: Rcexl electronic ignition, Genuine Walbro Carburetor, muffler, 1/4-32 spark plug, long throttle arm, engine mount, and manual

    Propellers: 16 x 8, 17 x 6 (Recommended), 17 X 8

  • Customer Reviews

    Fantastic little engine

    Fired right up after getting it primed(used electric starter). Still breaking in. Ran a tank through it to give the 20mins called for in the manual. Made some small needle adjustments and now transitions great and has a solid idle. Running 91 octane on Stihl engine oil, really looking forward to getting the airplane for some air time. Runs better than any other gas engine I’ve had....thanks VVRC Review by cckc135r • (Posted on 10/1/2018)

    Great engine!

    This engine looked to be of great quality out of the box. I replaced the stock ring with a Bowman ring. The original ring had good compression, the bowman seemed about the same. I can't say one was better than the other. Bowman supposedly break in quicker on the Dle engine threads. I put the engine on the H9 P-47 with a 17x8 Narrow prop. Started on first turn. 8100 rpm. 2 successful flights with no issue what so ever. The muffler is bigger than the Dle 20 side exhaust that I replaced. I believe this engine to be better than me dle 20. I'll continue to buy vvrc over dle as it comes with genuine Walbro carbs and rcxl ignitions. I had problems with me dle 20 that prompted the change. Buy with confidence! Review by Spitfire66 • (Posted on 9/29/2018)

    Good engine

    Great little engine. Started up right away. Still breaking in and mounted on a GP PE Hawk. Looking forward to flying it with this engine. Review by OCRCDUDE • (Posted on 12/16/2016)

    Great engine

    Get one, after having no luck getting an OTB DLE20 to run properly. I picked up one of these little babies. Fired up right out of box, a few minor tweaks and a couple of tanks break in and she is running like a top. wish VVRC made some larger engines like 55 and 61. I would buy one!! Review by waytooslow • (Posted on 10/12/2015)

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