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VVRC 40cc "Classic CM-6" *NEW*

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This "Classic CM-6" engine is mostly the same as our "Classic" with the exception of 10mm CM-6 spark plugs and a die cast aluminum crankcase to make it a little lighter. These Classic engines are the only twin cylinder 40cc engine that will fit most 30cc airplanes and will also fit inside most 30cc airplane cowl.  The distance between spark plug caps is 8-1/2" and our "Classic with CNC crankcase and small spark plugs in only 8" cap to cap.  With angling the plug in the cylinder makes this possible. The use of an Rcexl ignition makes the engines very reliable and will last for many years. 

Includes: Bowman Piston Rings, Rcexl ignition, spark plugs, mufflers, stand-offs, long throttle arm, mounting template and manual.

(please note) our 2 into 1 header is not compatible with this engine due to the heavy duty crankcase)


Spark Plug Size:  NGK CM6

Displacement: 40 cc 
Bore x Stroke: 32 x 26 mm 
Carburetor: Genuine Walbro 
Ignition: Rcexl 
Propeller: 21 x 8 @ 6800 rpm 
Maximum Output: 4.7 hp / 7500 rpm 
Speed Range: 1500 - 6800 rpm (Static on ground)
Gas/Oil Mix Ratio: 40:1, 87 octane, 
Power Supply: 6V – 12 V 
Weight with ignition and muffler: 43.00 oz
Weight without ignition and muffler: 34.1 oz 

Distance from backplate to prop face of prop hub: 140mm (160mm with included standoffs)

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