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VVRC 40cc "Classic" In stock,

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  • The Rebirth of the original 40cc gas engine Valley View RC and Quzhou Jjinnuo Machinery Co.,Ltd. Originally developed but with a stronger crankshaft and a CNC crankcase. This and our Generation 2 are the only twin cylinder engine that will fit most 30cc airplanes and will also fit inside most 30cc airplane cowl.  The distance between spark plug caps is 8".  The use of a smaller 1/4 X 32 spark plug and angling the plug in the cylinder makes this possible. The use of an Rcexl ignition makes the engines very reliable and will last for many years. We will only have a limited quantity of these engines. 

    This is one strong engine!


    Includes: Rcexl ignition, spark plugs, mufflers, stand-offs, long throttle arm, mounting template and manual.

    (please note) our 2 into 1 header is not compatible with this engine due to the heavy duty CNC crankcase)


    Spark Plug Size: 1/4x32
    Displacement: 40 cc 
    Bore x Stroke: 32 x 26 mm 
    Carburetor: Genuine Walbro 
    Ignition: Rcexl 
    Propeller: 21 x 8 @ 6800 rpm 
    Maximum Output: 4.7 hp / 7500 rpm 
    Speed Range: 1500 - 6800 rpm (Static on ground)
    Gas/Oil Mix Ratio: 40:1, 87 octane, 
    Power Supply: 6V – 12 V 
    Weight with ignition and muffler: 44.00 oz
    Weight without ignition and muffler: 34.1 oz 

    Distance from backplate to prop face of prop hub: 140mm (160mm with included standoffs)


  • Customer Reviews

    Excellent product and second to none service from VVRC

    First off as stated before, Tom and Tammy ROCK!! Picked this fine engine up for the Great Planes Factor 3D 30cc. Apon install I thought, you know this thing needs a canister exhaust. Spoke with Tom and he sent me to Tammy and she hooked me up with the 2 to 1 header just to see if I could get it to fit the 40 classic. After some slight manipulation it fits like a glove. Called Tammy back and ordered the rest of the parts and paid up.

    Now, I never expected the performance I get from this little engine. I own 2 other twin 40's (VVRC Gen2 and DLE 40 Twin) the classic is by far my favorite, the Gen2 is a very close second. The classic was a bear to get running the first time starting it, nothing unusual for a new engine. Now shes purring after just a few flips on choke and off choke. Land, refuel and one flip Im back in the air. Tom wasnt kidding when he states in the add for this engine "this in one strong engine!" Smooth, predictable, and dependable. I have several flights in on this motor now and she hasnt failed in the air yet, or on the ground come to think of it. Prob just jixed myself.

    Thank you to the VVRC team! Review by ehskds, hans79 • (Posted on 9/13/2018)

    Climbs like a Goat!!

    It's my second purchase of the engine. i'm surprised with how trusty, it's smooth acceleration and the lots of power.

    I installed it into a Bigger H9 Valiant.

    As it's said in my country: Este motor trepa como chivo!! (This engine Climbs like a Goat!!).

    Thank you so much dear Tammy for all your support in the purchase of this engine, as I said in my previous email: You're Wonderful woman!

    Greetings from Ecuador!
    Review by Santiago • (Posted on 4/19/2018)

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