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Valley View RC VIP Club


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  • ***Please note:  You must be signed in on our website with your email and password in order to receive the discount and free shipping.  

    This is your opportunity to receive a 12% discount on every order from Valley View RC and Free shipping. 

    Our annual membership to the Valley View RC VIP Club entitles  you to receive a 12% discount on all products plus no shipping charge to US. With your first membership you will receive your personal VIP Club T shirt. 

    You will not need to use any discount code or call for your orders. You will be placed in our special VIP group. The annual cost to join our special VIP Club is only $29.95 per year and this includes an $18 T shirt. 

    You may join anytime and still receive a one year membership.

    Please purchase membership and allow up to 24 hrs. for activation before ordering product. 

    Adding product with your VIP membership will not allow you to get the discount and free shipping. VIP membership is non refundable.

    Please note that if you are a customer residing outside of the US, we are happy to extend you the discount, but can not include the Free Shipping.  You will still be sent a payment request for the shipping to your country.  Your T-Shirt will be shipped with your first order.

    Excludes Horizon Hobby products. Cannot be combined with other offers.