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Hangar 9 - Tiger 30cc ARF, 90" (HAN2370)


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  • Features

    • Lightweight balsa and plywood construction for a strong and lightweight airframe
    • Fiberglass cowl requires no finishing by the customer
    • One-piece painted aluminum landing gear attaches to fuselage
    • Finished fiberglass wheel pants matches the covering perfectly
    • Large canopy hatch provides easy access to radio gear, batteries and fuel system
    • Bolt-on two-piece wings for easy transportation and handling
    • Steerable tail wheel
    • Taildragger gear configuration
    • Clear canopy
    • Full-span ailerons with option for functional flaps
    • Pre-hinge control surfaces help you save on build time
    • Included decal sheet allows you to customize the look of your aircraft
    • Complete hardware package included
    • Designed to accept gas/petrol engines and electric motors


    For the balsa enthusiast, the new Hangar 9® Tiger 30cc delivers the classic looks and performance of the popular Tiger series in a larger 30cc platform for common gas engines and electric power systems. Taking its cues from the Tigers of old, this sport plane is streamlined with a complete fiberglass cowl requiring no additional work to get ready for the runway. A smart red, white, and blue color scheme highlights the modern sport plane's looks with nods to its rich past.

    Bigger than the Tigers of yesterday, it only needs a 30cc-class gas/petrol engine to deliver outstanding performance. Lightweight design, combined with high-grade balsa and plywood construction, is used with laser accuracy to provide everything you could want in a giant scale sport model. The large canopy hatch provides easy access to radio gear, batteries and fuel system while the pre-hinge control surfaces save you time when building. The bolt-on two-piece wings provide easy transportation and handling. If you're looking for a big sport airplane with ties to the radio control flying past and can do it all with a modern flair, the Tiger 30cc airplane is for you.

    The Tiger 30cc ARF is part of the complete line of top-quality Hangar 9® aircraft and accessories. All are engineered and crafted to exacting standards and feature the finest components and materials. Plus, every Hangar 9 product comes with the after-sale service and technical support you need to succeed.

    Needed to Complete
    For Gas Engine or Electric Motor Setup
    • (1) Full-range, 6+ channel radio system
    • (5-8) Standard High-Torque Servos
    • (5-8) 9-18 Inch Heavy Duty Servo Extensions
    • (1) Battery for receiver
    • (1) 3 inch spinner
    • Tools and adhesives (see manual for complete list)
    For Gas Setup
    • (1) DLE-35RA or similarly sized 30cc 2 or 4 stroke gas engine
    • (1) Battery for electronic ignition
    • (1) 18x10 Wood Propeller
    • Gas tubing and fuel filler