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Plastic-Cure™ - Odorless Brush-On

Shipping: $3.50
  • Plastic-Cure™ is a gap-filling formulation of CA that works best on plastics. Don't let the name fool you - it also works great on wood, foam and even your wife's finger nails! It is packaged in a bottle with a brush built into its top, which in many cases is an easier way to apply the CA. As long as brush is put back into the bottle after use, the bristles of the brush will not harden. Care must be taken, however, not to introduce foreign material into the bottle. The brush should not be used, for example, to apply CA to wood that has been freshly sanded. Plastic-Cure will also bond wood, but its brush applicator at times will not be the best way to apply it. Plastic-Cure is superior for the application of false nails and wraps on fingernails, where its brush is the preferred method of application.

    • Plastics

    • Wood

    • Foam

    • False nails and wraps on fingernails

    Carefully unscrew the cap. Brush on Plastic-Cure™ to one surface of the parts being joined, then hold parts tightly together for 10-20 seconds. Plastic-Cure™ won’t frost clear plastic and works on white foam. Insta-Set™ Accelerator must be used when bonding two pieces of foam together. Full strength is reached in 3 hours. Excess cured adhesive can be removed by rubbing the area with a paper towel soaked in Un-Cure™. Refrigerate to extend shelf life. Cured CA is stable from -40° to 220° F.