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IC-LOC™ Purple (Loctite) - Low Strength - .34oz

Shipping: $3.50
  • IC-LOC™ Purple prevents loosening of small fasteners from normal use and vibration, but parts can still be disassembled with hand tools. IC-LOC™ Purple seals and prevents rusting of threads.

    Works Good On:

    • Threads of fasteners

    • Bolts

    • Screws

    • Nuts

    Directions for use: Shake well. Unscrew cap and cut off tip. Apply IC-LOC™ Purple to clean and dry threaded areas before assembling non-plastic parts. Product sets in 10 minutes, with full cure within 24 hours. IC-LOC™ Purple is anaerobic and cures in the absence of air, which occurs when a bolt, screw or nut is tightened. Cured temperature range is -60° to +300°F (-51° to +149°C). May attack some plastics. Remove residue with a damp cloth.