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IC-LOC™ Green (Loctite) - Medium Strength Wicking Formula - .34oz


Shipping: $4.50

  • IC-LOC™ Green is a thin, medium-high strength threadlock that is applied to fasteners that are already assembled. IC-LOC Green™ wicks down into the threads of fasteners using capillary action and has good performance even with oil coated fasteners.

    Works Good On:

    • Threads of fasteners
    • Bolts
    • Screws
    • Nuts

    Shake well and then apply IC-LOC™ Green to clean preassembled fasteners. Product sets in 10 minutes, with full cure within 24 hours. IC-LOC™ Green prevents the loosening of threaded fasteners from shock and vibration by wicking into threads. Cured temperature range is -60° to +300°F (-51° to +149°C). Locked fasteners are only removable by localized heating and hand tools. Remove residue with a damp cloth.