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NEW***Hitec D955TW D-Series Titanium High-Torque 25T Servo


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  • This is the Hitec D955TW Titanium Gear Wide Voltage Ultra Torque Servo.

    Ideal for 20-120 class aircraft, all EP 600-700 & GP 30-90 class
    helicopters, 1/10-1/4 scale car steering and throttle and nitro and
    gasoline powered boats
    Dual ball bearing supported titanium alloy gears
    Wide operating voltage, DC3.5-8.4V
    Ultra hard gear shaft with three axial metal bushings
    Heat sink for motor
    Water and dust resistant (splash proof)
    Programmable digital amplifier with MOSFET drive (requires the Hitec
    HFP-30 Servo Programmer sold separately, HRCM4427, and DPC-11
    Interface, HRCP4429)


    D955TW Servo
    1.4" (36mm) Round Servo Horn
    1.5" (38mm) 4-Point Horn
    1" (25.4mm) Single Arm Horn
    Mounting hardware


    4.8V 6.0V 7.4V
    Speed: 0.19sec / 60° 0.15sec / 60° 0.12sec / 60°
    Torque: 251.35oz/in 335.13oz/in 404.95oz/in
    18kg/cm 24kg/cm 29kg/cm
    Number of Teeth on Spline: 25
    Weight: 2.32oz (66g)
    Dimensions: 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.45" (40 x 20 x 37mm)