EP- 40cc Twin Pro Gas Engine with electronic starter


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  • EP 40cc Twin Gas Engine with electric starter

    X-40cc-T PRO

    Displacement: 40cc (2.44 cu in)

    Performance: 4.6 HP

    Speed Range: 1800-8300 RPM  (Test Propeller-20x8)

    Bore: 32 mm (1.26 in)

    Stroke: 27mm (1.06 in)

    Static Thrust: 11.5 kg 100 m ALT (25.4 lb @ 328 ft ALT)

    Static Thrust: 9.0 kg @ 1800 m ALT (19.8 lb @ 5900 ft ALT)

    Compression Ratio: 9:1

    Lubrication Ratio: 40:1 (Fuel: 2-Stroke Synthetic Oil)

    Ignition Voltage: 6-14 V

    Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 (ME-8) Spark Plug

    Recommended Propeller: 20x 8; 20x10; 21x8

    Weight of Main Engine: 1190g

    Weight of Muffler Set: 136g ( L&R Mufflers; Screws)

    Weight of Aluminum Standoffs: 84g

    Weight of Spark Plug: 4g *2 (ME-8*2)

    Weight of CDI (Ignition): 175g

    Weight of Starter: 113g

    Weight of ESC: 36g

    Total Weight: 1769g (3.90 lb)