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DLE 60cc Twin Gas Engines

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Includes 2 NGK CM6 spark plugs





    1400 rmp/min


    15.2kg / 100 meters above sea level


    13.5kg / 1800 meters above sea level

      Applicable propeller specifications:

    22 × 10 ; 23 × 8 ; 23 × 10 ; 24 × 8 ;

      Applicable spark plug model:

    NGK CM6


     61cm 3

      Cylinder diameter × stroke:


      Compression ratio:


      Lubrication ratio:


      Engine weight:


      Muffler weight:


      Ignition weight:


      Ignition voltage:                                                                4.8V-8.4V

  • Customer Reviews

    High quality / low vibration

    Replaced a DA 60 in an Airwild Extra 260 with the DLE 60 twin. Mounted up easy. Put holes on the side of the cowl for the spark plugs and further aft, grommeted holes for the plug wires to go through.Doesn't look too unsightly. The low vibration really got my attention after dealing with a DA 60. On the con side: there is no easy way to adjust needles with a cowl on as the muffler is in the way of the needles Not like others where you can drill holes in the cowl and reach in with a screwdriver to adjust the needles It turned out to be of no big concern. On this airplane the bottom was pretty much wide open from the DA 60. Have to reach in with a small screwdriver. It's doable. Lots of power. A pleasure to fly!! Glad they came out with the 60 twin. It is a winner. Buy one if you can get one. Review by tacmot • (Posted on 4/23/2013)

    Great running engine.

    Bought this engine when it came out. Delivered in 4 days. First flight was Thanksgiving weekend 2012. Ran pretty good, just needed a little tuning. Have flown over two hours this week. The engine is diled in and sounds great. It's amazing. It quickly transitions from a slow idle to full power for a go around. Hovers my Aeroworks Ultimate 50 at just under half power with a 23 X 8. Very smooth compared to a single cylider 50cc. Well worth the extra money for the twin. Review by Wes • (Posted on 2/28/2013)

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