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DLE 20RA Gas Engine

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Includes 1 Free NGK CM6 Spark Plug 
  •  Performance :


      Idle Speed :

    1750 rmp/min

      Static Thrust :

    6.3kg/100 meters  Altitude

      Static Thrust :

    5.6kg/1800 meters  Altitude

      Recommended Propeller :

    14×10 ; 15×8 ; 16 x6 ; 17×6 ;

      Spark Plug Type :

    NGK CM6

      Displacement :


      Diameter × Stroke :


      Compression Ratio :


      Lubrication Ratio :


      Weight of Main Engine :


      Weight of Exhaust :


      Weight of Ignition :


      Ignition voltage:


  • Customer Reviews

    excellent powerplant

    Starts easily with electric starter right out of the box. Installed in an old CMP 120 size Chipmunk originally powered with 90 2-stroke. The DLE 20RA fit easily and required no ballast. First flight with the new combo was amazingly fast and smooth. Tremendous power, high speed and smooth huge round loops. Also no more castor oil slime! Review by Murray • (Posted on 12/8/2014)

    Reliable gas Engine

    The DLE 20ra is a gem of a small gas engine. Out of the box she ran well an idled great.
    It pulls my 12 lb. biplane around easily with a 17x6 Valley View prop.
    The 20ra fit in the cowl nice and once vented properly, ran beautifully.
    The motor suggested for the 72' ws. biplane was a .60 -.90 2 stroke glow or a 1.20 - 1.40 4-stroke glow. This little gasser does the trick nicely.
    I adjusted the high end slightly leaner from factory settings after break in. RPM now is a bit more than 8k at wot. I use an electric starter but she hand flips great after the first run of the day.
    A friend of mine is a good customer of VVRC suggested I buy it from them. He said they were a squared away company and they would stand behind it if I have a problem.
    So far, no problems at all. Review by Brett • (Posted on 6/30/2014)

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