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Christen Eagle II 90 ARF 54" (HAN5010)


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  • Key Features

    • Lightweight balsa/plywood construction
    • Impressive scale outline
    • Multi-color Eagle UltraCote® trim scheme
    • Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
    • Designed for glow or electric power
    • Large, easy-access top hatch
    • Cockpit details and pilot figure included
    • All hardware included
    • Wing transport frames included


    Introduced in 1977, the Christen Eagle II was the brainchild of avid aerobatic pilot and entrepreneur, Frank Christensen. His idea? Give pilots a refined, aerobatic kit plane almost anyone could build. The sporty little two-seater was so well-received that a slightly modified, single-seat version became the plane of choice for one of the greatest aerobatic demonstration teams of all time – Charlie Hillard, Tom Poberezny and Gene Soucy, otherwise known as The Eagles. The trio flew the plane from 1979 through 1995, thrilling millions at air shows all over the world.

    The Hangar 9® Christen Eagle II 90 ARF brilliantly captures the spirit of this remarkable airplane. Constructed of top quality balsa and light plywood, it will eagerly perform extreme aerobatics just like its full-scale inspiration using your choice of glow or brushless electric power options. And it comes out of the box with a level of scale fidelity that truly sets it apart from the rest of the sport model crowd.

    If you’re a sport flier ready for more advanced planes or an aerobatic pro looking for a fun, sport scale model, the Christen Eagle II 90 has what you’re after.